BGCSE Results 2024 Botswana

BGCSE Results 2024 Botswana BGCSE result 2024: First of all Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) conducted the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) and also publish the BGCSE result. In this page, we will discuss how you can get Botswana BGCSE Results 2024.

BGCSE Results 2024 Botswana

How to check BGCSE Results 2024 Botswana Online?

BGCSE Results 2024:

  • BGCSE Results : Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) is generally responsible for outing Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) results online furthermore the Honourable Minister of Education and Skills Development authorises the release of the 2024 bgcse results 2024.
  • Presently BGCSE is a syllabus-based examination. Each syllabus is graded on an 8-point scale, ranging from A* to G. Candidates are awarded U means he/she fail to meet the minimum requirements for the lowest possible grade G. Hence no result is reported on the certificate. GCE O level syllabi are graded on a 6 point scale from A* to E.


Feb 15, 2024

Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) has released the 2024 Botswana General Certificate for Secondary Education (BGCSE) examination results. A total of 32 470 candidates wrote the 2024 examination showing a decrease of 12.8% in candidature compared to the 2024 cohort of 37 251. There were 13 537 (41.69%) male candidates and 18 933 (58.31%) female candidates sitting for the 2024 BGCSE Examination. In 2024 there were 23 026 (70.91%) candidates from government and government-aided schools compared to 25 802 (69.27%) in 2024 and 9 444 (29.09%) private candidates compared to 11 449 (30.74%) in 2024. The private candidates’ category included 1 156 (3.56%) Back-to-School candidates, 1 354 (4.17%) candidates from Private Schools and 8 090 (24.92%) Private Candidates. The private candidates are from BEC Centres and Botswana Open University Centres.

1. Click here to View the 2024 BGCSE Press Release

2. Click here to view step by step instructions on how to Access the BGCSE Results.

Botswana BGCSE Results 2024 Release Date:

How to check BGCSE Results 2024 Botswana:

  • There are many ways to get the BGCSE Botswana Results 2024. As soon as it’s published students/parents can collect the results in the following ways.
  • Candidates will be able to access the results through the BEC Website ( Results 2024) as well as SMS. As a matter of fact “How to Access results guidelines” are available on the BEC Facebook Page Botswana Examinations Council, BEC Website and BEC Twitter Account @Bots_Exams .

BGCSE Results 2024 Online

Ironically students can get the result online. Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) allows students to check their BGCSE result from the official website of BEC. At this point follow the step below to check the results.

  • First: Open the internet browser on your laptop or mobile
  • Second: In website Address Type:
  • Third: Select “Examination” as “BGCSE”
  • Fourth: Select “Year” as “2024”
  • Fifth: Enter your school’s Centre Number *
  • Sixth: Enter “The student’s candidate number **”
  • Seventh: Now Enter ” The student’s surname ***”
  • Final Step: Click on the “Show Result” Button.
  • In my opinion, candidates should download or print the result for future use.
BGCSE Results 2024 Online

*In the “Centre Number” textbox type your school’s Centre Number. The center number should be 5 characters beginning with the letters “BW” and the “BW” must be in capital letters. Therefore, if your school’s center number is 800, then type BW800.

**In the “Candidate ID” textbox type your Candidate Number. The System accepts a candidate number with leading zeros and without leading zeros. Therefore, if your candidate number is 0001, you may type 0001 or 001 or 01 or 1 and the system will accept any of them.

***In the “Surname’’ text box type your Surname. The Surname is not Case Sensitive.

N.B. :- You can save/download your PSLE results for future reference

Symbols used in the Results For this reason
• U denotes that a candidate failed to meet minimum requirements for grade E.
• X denotes that a candidate failed to meet the requirements for the award of the qualification.

BGCSE Results Botswana Performance:

  • 2016: A total of 35 465 candidates sat for the 2016 BGCSE examination, while 20 317 (57.29%) were females and 15 148 (42.71%) males. Compared to the previous year it decreases to 3 331 (8.59%), in candidature
  • 2015: the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) results were released on the 24th of February 2015 by the Botswana Examination Council (BEC). BEC indicated that this year 5 843 (23.20%) candidates from government and non-government aided schools were awarded Grade C or better in five syllabi compared to 5 946 (24.27 %) in 2013.

BGCSE Grading System<

As a matter of fact, the pass grades for BGCSE are, from highest to lowest, A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and U. The maximum points a student can get is 48 points by six subjects.

Grade Percentage (%) Points
A* 85 – 100 8
A 75 – 84 8
B 65 – 74 7
C 55 – 64 6
D 45 – 54 5
E 40 – 44 4
F 35 – 39 3
G 30 – 34 2
U 0 – 29 0

How to check BGCSE Results 2024 Online?


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