Unimaid CDL Result and GST Result 2024-2025 www.unimaid.edu.ng Portal

Unimaid CDL Result and GST Result 2024-2025 www.unimaid.edu.ng Portal. The University of Maiduguri Centre for Distance Learning Examination for CDL and GST exam results for sessions 2024-2025 and 2024-2025 in their web portal.  Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Nigeria.

Unimaid CDL Result and GST Result 2024-25

Unimaid CDL and GST Result

  • The Unimaid CDL Result and GST Result 2024 can be checked online. Students of the University of Maiduguri visit to www.unimaid.edu.ng Portal to download their results.
  • Once the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and General Studies Courses (GST) exam result is published They may check the following results.
  • ADPA Results CDL ADPA>>1st Semester Results
  • Arts Results
  • GST 1st Semester Results,  2nd Semester,
  • Education Results
  • Management Management Results
  • Social Science Results

The Centre started with three (3) Study Centers; two (2) located in Maiduguri Metropolitan at Sir Kashim Ibrahim College of Education ( K IC O E ), University of Maiduguri Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS), and the third in Gombe at Federal College of Education (Technical). Face to face contacts are provided directly by the Senior
Academic Staff of the University including well-written course materials. The contact sessions are held monthly on Friday afternoons and the greater part of Saturdays. The contact sessions have substantially been reduced from twelve (12) at the beginning to ten (10) and reduced further to eight (8) and six (6). It has further been reduced to four (4) contacts per
Semester. The aim is to further reduce the number of contacts to only two or once per session. The Centre is working hard towards achieving this objective using the ‗E‘ module teaching project now underway.

How to check Unimaid GST Result 2024

The CDL, UNIMAID is charged with the responsibility for producing ‘e’ Book on GST 113, Nigerian Peoples and Culture. The Centre emerged the best at the end of the 15-month Workshop project. The GST courses are now readily available in so many different formats e.g. PDF, CD, VCD, E-book, mp4, mp3, and Handset.

  • Candidates should visit  www.unimaid.edu.ng student Portal or you may also check our NG Result Checker 2024. After you visited the web portal, click on Unimaid GST Result 2024,
  • If you are not getting the link, check below at the external link section. Find your course name and semester. Click on the PDF link and download the result.

How to check Unimaid CDL Result 2024

The University of Maiduguri Centre for Distance Learning is established to provide opportunities for you as a distance learner. These opportunities are meant to improve your career whether in the public or private sectors of the economy.
This is large to improve your skills and knowledge while continuing in your career. For quite sometimes those who missed the early opportunity for University Education later find it difficult to effectively combine working and learning. This problem is now being squarely addressed giving the opportunity for open and distance education.

  • The University of Maiduguri Centre for Distance Learning (CDL) examination is conducted once every year. Student must visit www.unimaid.edu.ng student Portal for downloading Unimaid CDL Result 2024.

The technological age has made it easier for facilitate of your studies providing linkages with latent ideas as well as bridging the distance between the Centre and the students. The Centre is not only providing ‘E‘ mode of teaching and learning but also establishing the Portal System. This technology has a tremendous benefit to the distance learner ranging from acquiring application Forms from anywhere, online filling of forms, admissions, registration, payment of fees, downloading Course Materials, interacting with lecturers, online submission of assignments, inquiries, examinations, and checking results. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity at this critical time of your life.

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