PSC Vacancies 2024 Mauritius (Apply Now)

PSC Vacancies 2024 Mauritius (Apply Now)

Important Notice to Applicants

  • (1) Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the Application Form may cause a candidate’s elimination. It is an offence to give information which is false or to conceal any relevant information. This may lead to an application being rejected or, if a candidate has already been appointed, to the termination of his appointment.
  • (2) It is very important for the candidate to indicate his National Identity Number in the space provided at item 2 of the Application Form.
  • (3) The Application Form should be completed in the candidate’s own handwriting and forwarded to the Secretary, Public and Disciplined Forces Service Commissions, 7 Louis Pasteur Street, Forest-Side.
  • (4) Qualifications obtained after the closing date for the submission of applications as specified in the advertisement will not be accepted. Only qualified persons should apply.
  • (5) Applications not made on the prescribed form will not be accepted.
  • (6) Applications received after the closing date and time mentioned in the advertisement will not be accepted. The onus for the prompt submission of applications so that they reach the Secretary of the Commission in time lies solely on applicants.
  • (7) If a candidate is employed by Government, the application form should be completed in duplicate and the duplicate forwarded to his Supervising Officer.
  • (8) The post applied for should be clearly marked on the top left-hand corner of the envelope.
  • (9) The completed form should contain full details regarding previous experience, qualifications and any other factors which would qualify the candidate to carry out the duties of the post applied for. Documentary evidence and a statement of relevant particulars, e.g. job description and content, dates and employer’s certificate should be attached with the Application Form.
  • (10) Should there be any matter not covered by the Application Form that the candidate wishes to be considered with his application, the details must be given on an additional sheet to be annexed thereto.
  • (11) Birth certificate, school leaving certificate, examination certificates, testimonials or any other papers should not be sent with the Application Form unless specified otherwise, but these should be readily available and produced when requested.
  • (12) A candidate who is overseas must indicate clearly at the top of the Application Form that he is an “overseas candidate”. He will be required, if convened for an interview, to produce evidence to that effect. The candidate must be prepared to return to Mauritius to attend an interview by the Commission if required to do so and make his own arrangements.
  • (13) A candidate should immediately inform the Commission about any change of address.
  • (14) A candidate who is proceeding abroad, should immediately inform the Commission of his overseas address and the expected date of his return.
  • (15) Recruitment by the Commission is made solely on the basis of qualifications and merit. Recruitment is not made against reward of any kind. Candidates must therefore guard themselves against any person who promises employment against reward, financial or otherwise, and report the case immediately to the nearest Police Station.
  • (16) Any person who directly or indirectly by himself or by other person and in any manner, influences or attempts to influence any decision of the Commission or the Chairman or the Deputy Chairman or any Commissioner shall commit an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine and to imprisonment.
  • (17) The Commission reserves the right to convene only the best qualified candidates for interview, if this is necessary, and to reject any application without giving any reason.

PSC Written Exam Guidelines:

  1. Be Ready to take your seat in the examination room at least 20 minutes before the time fixed for the examination.


Candidates should call at their designated examination center (where convened) as they will not be allowed to take the examination at a center other than where their names have been listed.

  1. Read carefully the Instructions on the front cover of the Answer Booklet as well as those (if any) contained in the Question Paper.
  1. (a)   Write your Examination Number in clear bold figures in the space provided at the right-hand corner of the front cover of the Answer Booklet and not anywhere else.

(b)        Do not write your name in the Answer Booklet.

  1. Start each answer on a fresh page.
  1. Write the number of each question attempted on the left-hand side margin of the paper.  You may use ballpoint pens but not lead pencils for writing your answers.
  1. Candidates will be allowed 10 minutes for reading the Question Paper before answering.
  1. Do not answer more than the required number of Questions.
  1. The examination will start at 09.30 hours.
  1. As soon as notice is given by the Invigilator that the time for answering the question paper is over, ensure that your EXAMINATION NUMBER has been correctly written as required at paragraph 3 above.
  1. The blank spaces on the front cover of the Answer Booklet should be filled in your own handwriting before same is handed over to the Invigilator.
  1. Smoking will not be allowed in the examination room.
  1. Cellular phones should be switched off while in the examination room.
  1. (a) No extra time will be given to any candidate who arrives late.  Only in exceptional circumstances will a question paper be given to a candidate who is more than 30 minutes late.

(b)        No candidate will be permitted to leave the Examination Room until 30 minutes have elapsed from the commencement of the question paper.

  1. (a) No communication whatever between candidates under examination will be allowed.  Should any difficulty arise, address your question to the Invigilator only.

(b) Any candidate who gives or attempts to obtain unfair assistance to or from another candidate will be expelled from the Examination Room and the matter will be reported to the Commission.  Candidates are therefore advised that they should not leave their Answer Booklets in such a position that another candidate can read them.

  1. Candidates will not be permitted to have any book or manuscript with them while in the examination room apart from their letters of convocation and the “Directions to Candidates”.
  1. Candidates should bring their own pen, ink, ruler, calculator, etc. The Answer Booklet only will be supplied to them.