Cape Verde Jobs Opportunity

Cape Verde Jobs Opportunity: There are many Job Opportunities in Cape Verde started from Government sectors to public sectors. Officially the Republic of Cabo Verde is an island country.

Cape Verde Jobs Opportunity

Before started any discussion we need to know, whether or not there are any jobs opportunities in Cape Verde. According to report, “Unemployment has been falling rapidly, and the country is on track to achieve most of the UN Millennium Development Goals – including halving its 1990 poverty level.”  It does not mean that “there are no jobs for insider and forigners”.

Cape Verde has few natural resources. Only five of the ten main islands (Santiago, Santo Antão, São Nicolau, Fogo, and Brava) normally support significant agricultural production, and over 90% of all food consumed in Cape Verde is imported.

  • Currency: Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
  • Population: 2016 estimate 539,560
  • GDP (nominal): 2016 estimate Total $1.747 billion
  • Official languages Portuguese

The economy of Cape Verde is service-oriented, with commerce, transport, and public services accounting for more than 70% of GDP. From 1994 to 2000 about $407 million in foreign investments were made or planned, of which 58% were in tourism, 17% in industry, 4% in infrastructure, and 21% in fisheries and services.